Research Bulletin #1: This Is What the Recession Looks Like

On June 11, 2009 the Recession Relief Coalition held an event to release, "This Is What the Recession Looks Like," a Research Bulletin that sounds the alarm as it tracks the harsh impacts of the Recession.

Click here to download the Bulletin (PDF)

The release of this Research Bulletin coincides with the Federal government's release of its first "report card" on its multi-billion dollar “Economic Stimulus” January budget, as well as the Federal government's announcement in Geneva that they don't need to develop a national poverty reduction strategy.

Please feel free to circulate this document in your community and use it in meetings with Federal, Provincial or Municipal politicians.

We would appreciate it if you would share your stories and facts with us for future editions of the bulletin; we would like to work with groups across Canada to tell stories and monitor impacts of the recession and demand action and solutions.  We are also hoping that communities across Canada will replicate this work in their communities.

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